What Happened to Lunch

Thought about posting that as a question, but after three attempts, there isn’t a question. We had a number of people who encouraged us to be open for lunch. We listened and explained that in seasons past, not enough people actually came to make opening worthwhile. People kept asking and saying they would absolutely come. We tested the menu, pricing, everything.

We opened. People didn’t come.

A restaurant is a business. To be able to open a business must make money. For a restaurant that’s all about patronage. If people come, we can be open. If people don’t come, we can’t. Town isn’t a small restaurant and it needs more people to come than many of the other restaurants on the street. The simple fact is that there aren’t enough people working in this area to support a real lunch service for a restaurant of this size. So we closed.

The good news is that means if you want to have an event at Town during the day, with sufficient warning, we can open for you. Let us know.

The bad news is that we’re now closed for lunch for good. Once burnt twice shy. Twice burnt and if you do it again you’re not super smart… We’re doing our best.