When do you close?

On weekdays, we usually close around 9:00PM.

On weekends, we usually close between 9:30 and 10:00PM.

That being said, sometimes we're slow and close up a little bit earlier, or we're busy and open even later. If you're coming in at or after 8:30PM, we highly suggest you call ahead.

Why didn’t you call me back?

Unless asked, we do not call back to confirm reservations for under 7 people unless we cannot take the reservation.

Reservations of 7 or more will receive a confirmation call on the night of their booking.



Where's my favorite pasta / fish / appetizer?

We do food by the season! So if your favorite dish is suddenly conspicuously absent from the menu, we probably just changed over for the next few months. Sometimes a dish simply doesn't fit (we don't do soup in summer), sometimes ingredients are out of season, or sometimes a dish just wasn't selling well. We want to bring you the best, and that means adapting to the times - four times annually, to be precise.

And don't worry - our favorites often make appearances in our weekend specials, or will be back in the next seasonal cycle. In the meantime, we promise all of our new dishes are just as good!

Large parties of 10 or more...

Must make a reservation, firstly.

Secondly, if booking on a Friday or Saturday night, we accept large reservations for between 5:30 and 6:30PM, and from 8:00PM onward. The 'peak dinner' time between is often too busy to accommodate large groups.

Confirmation: we will call the contact number provided the night before and/or the day of the reservation to confirm. If we do not receive confirmation by one hour before the reservation, then the reservation is cancelled. 


We love families, and Montrose is a community of many families. It's a good fit. That's why we have a kids' menu! However:

We're not babysitters. It's not really Town's job to pick up toys or paper footballs, or to tell someone not to scream inside. Be good table-neighbors!

50/50 (large parties). For parties of 7 or more, the ratio of adults to children must be 1:1 (same number of adults as there are children). This policy after a memorable occasion with a party of 12 consisting of 2 adults and 10 young children. Anarchy.

Same table. Our insurance does not cover children seated separately from their parents. There's no such thing as a "kids' table" at Town (unless those kids are 21+). Kids and adults belonging to one party must be sat at the same table. If the party is split, both adults and kids must divide equally. This policy...(see above).

Safety first. All these rules are to ensure safety in the restaurant. We're carrying around glasses, ceramic plates of piping-hot food, and cutlery, and doing so carefully but quickly. Our staff don't particularly need the added obstacles of running children or hurled, triangular paper missiles.